Our services

Our company has always focused on providing an assistance service to meet any type of customer requirement.

From designing to prototyping, with mould and pre-series production, we can develop a partnership intended to develop projects that can last and assert over the years, using the know-how and reliability that have always been our distinguishing points.

Thanks to the wide range of technologies we face and the experience gained over time, we successfully advise our customers on the best solutions to make their moulds or models, guaranteeing maximum efficiency with competitive prices and certain benefits.


Thanks to continuous technological development, Lanulfi is able to offer its customers a highly professional and value-added service.
In addition, extensive experience gained in various technology sectors enables it to partner with its customers in the co-design and engineering of products that offer the ideal technical solution for every need.

In its design work, the company uses the very latest software such as Catia, NX, Rhino, Delcam and so on.
Furthermore, Lanulfi offers its customers a reverse engineering service to mathematically map a model or existing piece.


One of Lanulfi’s strengths is prototyping, since its efficient modelling department and extensive experience in working with aluminium means that the company is able to produce precision models and moulds for prototypes and small product series with various technologies such as fibreglass lamination, thermoforming, thermosetting and thermoplastic injection.

For the automotive sector in particular, Lanulfi’s quality rapid mould prototyping makes it possible to produce extremely complex components with high quality finishes in a very short space of time.

Molds production

Lanulfi’s production is focused on various technologies, with mould production one of its main activities.
In this field, Lanulfi offers qualified and comprehensive support as a unique partner in the following activities:
– Co-design and re-engineering
– Production analysis to assess the best technological solution for the production required by the customer (e.g. injection, RIM, thermoforming, GFI)
– Mould design with moldflow and structural analysis
– Aluminium prototype moulds
– Series moulds for RIM, thermoplastic, thermoforming, etc.
– Mould testing and customer premises technical assistance
– Production of control, placement, cutting and other templates